Turn on your computer's speakers for Audio Introduction with Wren and Amalia Canzoneri (founders of TorMusic) – and click here to download an interview that explains:

  • Who We Are
  • Wedding Show
    Discount Rates
  • How to select music from mp3 downloads below
  • Selection of Music
  • Help in contracting musicians

  • Avoiding problems

With members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Amaro Quartet forms the nucleus of our string ensembles: Duos, Trios, Quartet & Classical Orchestra. These ensembles provide customized entertainment for Weddings, Receptions & Dinners; The Amaro Quartet also performs for many public and corporate events. Click here * to download the Amaro Quartet PDF Information Brochure

Click on buttons below to listen (without interruption), to 5 separate themes or streams of Wedding Music. Each line of Mp3 music files includes:

Music for:

Bridesmaids (fade to) Bride ….Commuion….Signing….Recessional

Music For:


Ave Maria
Jesu Joy of
Man's Desiring
Jesu Joy of
Man's Desiring
Bridal March
Ave Maria
Wedding March
Bach 3rd Suite
Vivaldi 4 Seasons

Jesu Joy of
Man's Desiring

Bach 3rd Suite
Clark Trumpet
Panis Angelicus
Jesu Joy of
Man's Desiring
Te Deum
Vivaldi 4 Seasons
Haydn Kaiser
Vivaldi 4 Seasons
Danza Pastorale

Individual MP3 audio files of music for Wedding Receptions & Dinners

Palm Court
Contact Information
Wren Canzoneri – Exclusive Agent
TorMusic Entertainment – canzoneri@tormusic.com
Ph: 416 232 1789 Fx: 416 232 2590


Tips for a Well-Orchestrated Wedding

1. Understanding your Musical Options

Consider your whole day’s activities. You and your guests could enjoy Live Music for many parts of your wedding day:

  • before, during, and after the ceremony
  • during the photo session, the receiving line
  • cocktail reception, dinner & dancing

Musical options range from individual musicians to a String Duo, Trio or Quartet, to a Jazz group, Band, or an Orchestra.
You can research these options in many different places, or use the consolidated services of an organization like TorMusic Entertainment to select, coordinate and supervise your musical needs.

2. Previewing Musicians & Talent: the ‘Sample CD or Tape Myth’

Some companies send out sample CD’s or tapes, but don’t even list the musician’s names… At TorMusic, we invite you to a Free Interview & Demonstration of String Ensembles. Here you can meet the leader of a particular ensemble and hear them perform.

When you schedule the Interview, we will hold availability of that ensemble for your wedding date and list the ensemble leader’s name on your booking contract; guaranteeing the leader’s participation in your event.

3. Musical Selections need Consultation

Many wedding planners provide great selections of possible wedding music. Often, they neglect to inform you that it would take 10 different ensembles of different sizes to perform these selections. So, consulting with a Musical Leader, who knows what arrangements are available for different sized ensembles is very helpful. Consider that musicians own and operate TorMusic Entertainment.

4. Signed Contract of Detailed Business Services

Each year we get last minute calls from panicked brides who have just been informed that musicians are no longer available. Don’t consider it booked until you have a signed contract.

At TorMusic we provide a single contract which lists the Musical Leader’s name, date & time of services, costs of overtime, conditions and music to be performed. You deal with TorMusic only, who books and pays the musicians, and have peace of mind in knowing that in the unlikely event that a musician is incapacitated, you will not be abandoned.

5. On-going Planning

Things change and there are many details and time lines to be coordinated:

  • you need to change the start time or hours
  • the musicians need a map to the venue
  • venue staff need to be contacted to arrange for electrical and staging requirements…
Deal with a supplier who’s interested in discussing the ‘details’.

At TorMusic we provide on-going communication and advice to solve practical problems relating to our musical services at your event. We have experience in event co-ordination, not just music.

6. Professional Musicians

You and your guests will be able to tell the difference between professionals and amateurs. So choose a reputable and professional ensemble and ask about credentials.

TorMusic’s string musicians are among the finest in Toronto, often drawn from the Toronto Symphony. And our Jazz and Band ensembles are all excellent and experienced musicians.

7. When Things don’t go According to Plan

Sometimes it rains, traffic is beastly, the musicians are on uneven ground in high wind…
Choose musicians who have experience with weddings and enjoy doing them. They bring with them the professionalism to ensure the success of your event.

We once performed at an event where the wedding coordinator mistakenly locked herself in the rectory, while the bride waited for the musical processional to begin. Experience dictated that we should begin the musical procession, even without the wedding consultant’s cue.

8. Fair Fees for Professional Services

You often get what you pay for. Please consider the following for evaluating professional musical service fees.

  • Most weddings occur on Saturdays, in the spring and summer months. Musical ensembles who specialize in Weddings, have to charge a higher than average hourly fee to make a living.
  • Often, professional musicians provide extra services for free, such as arranging music, meeting with you, booking other musicians, etc.
  • In addition to the playing time, travel time to and from your wedding venue needs to be included in your estimation of reasonable fees.
  • Students or low cost professionals are rarely well rehearsed and often are not used to performing with each other. They often forgo the need of a contract as well.